Consignor Registration

Please read all information below BEFORE you register

Fall Consignor Registration Now Closed



$10 Consignor fee is non-refundable (paid via Paypal)

Deliver what your promised! By registering as a consignor and entering inventory into your account, you are committing to dropping off your sold items during our drop off window. Whether you sell one item or hundreds, you MUST drop them off – a shopper has paid for them and is excited to have purchased them and will be coming to pick them up! Failure to do so will prohibit you from consigning with us at future online and in-person events. You are representing all of us!

Please refer to the information on our How To Consign Page for guidelines on acceptable items, quality standards, preparation, tagging, pricing, taking photos to help sell your items, safety and how online consigning differs from in-person consigning. One crucial note is that you must carefully input your items into the correct categories and sizes, with a detailed description containing key words (watch for email with key words to be used) and an accurate photo, so that shoppers can find your items in our store! Photos do NOT carry over from sale to sale.

Please be sure you read the Seller Agreement thoroughly. There are additional fees involved with an online sale that will only be assessed if you are negligent in adhering to our quality standards on items and photos set forth in our website, create a duplicate inventory item that is sold and you don’t actually have, fail to drop off a sold item, and any of these actions result in a refund to the shopper. 

Recall list – Check items against the federal recall list (it is illegal to sell recalled products and you, the Consignor, are the seller).

Car seats/bases – Complete a Car Seat Checklist for each and bring to drop off.

Important Dates

Inventory deadline – All inventory must be entered by Tuesday, 9/27 at 10:00 PM.  This deadline cannot be extended.

Drop Off – Per your scheduled appointment on 10/17 or 10/18 at 119 Prospect Heights, Milford, MA (Portuguese Club). Please email me if you’re unable to find a time that works with your schedule.

Presale Shopping – As long as you consign at least 20 acceptable items, you earn ONE pass to our private presale on Monday, 10/3 at 6PM (if you are unable to attend, you may send ONE person in your place)! NSU Crew will earn ONE pass to our private presale on Monday, 10/3 at 4PM. And of course, you are welcome to return for more shopping anytime during public hours Wednesday – Friday (Friday many items are 1/2 price)!

Crew Sign Ups – Will be posted closer to sale date. Please note, due to this being an online sale, we won’t have as many crew shift opportunities as we do for in-person. They will be filled on a first come, first served basis as usual.

Checks – Processed 3 weeks after the end of the sale!

New Spring 2022 (must use going forward)

Keywords – Please click here to read about how to use keywords when entering your inventory. 

CategoriesCHEAT SHEET for additional guidance on how to select your categories.

Refund Fees: Please note changes to seller agreement regarding fee amounts charged for refunded items (section #11).

Consignors who’ve never registered at a prior sale – welcome!

Consignors who’ve sold with us before – welcome back!

Once you’ve registered, you will use the Consignor Login menu option to access your account going forward.