NSU Crew - join our team!

NSU Crew Shop First!

NSU Crew:

We could not make the sale a success without the help of fun and friendly Crew members. Therefore, NSU Crew get to shop first at our private presale on August 5 at 4PM!

More Shifts = More Money In Your Pocket!

For every 3 hour shift, you increases your earnings by 5 percent, up to 75% as follows:

  • 1 three hour shift = 65%
  • 2 three hour shifts = 70%
  • 3 or more three hour shifts = 75%
  • 4 or more shifts by arrangement with Kristin; earnings capped at 75% 
Online Events

Please note, online events require less Crew. All online consignors will have an opportunity to sign up for at least one shift and then the rest will open on a first come, first served basis (2nd/3rd shifts are NOT guaranteed).  Due to venue availability, online crew is needed on weekdays only.

Examples of NSU Crew Duties

In Person Events:

  • Assemble clothing racks and set-up tables prior to sale
  • Assist with checking in merchandise and putting it on display
  • Help shoppers needing information or assistance
  • Straighten up the sales floor
  • Work in the check-out area
  • Help carry items to shoppers’ cars
  • Break down racks and tables and other clean-up

Online Events:

  • Set up shoppers bags 
  • Direct consignors at drop off
  • Check shopper bags
  • Assist shoppers at pick up
  • Break down racks and tables and other clean-up

NSU Crew shifts are also available related to promoting the sale. Crew members will work with the sale owner on a list of locations to distribute flyers and advertising information, or post signs, and will be given a deadline by which the distribution must be done. Please contact us if you are interested in this type of shift.

Please Note:

ONE presale pass per NSU Crew member

  • Each crew member will earn ONE presale pass and may either come themselves, or send a significant other in his or her place, but may not bring anyone with them to the private presale.


  • Notify me as early as possible if you are unable to honor your shift.  I’m a mom so I can certainly understand when something comes up and plans have to change, but PLEASE give me as much notice as you can so that my ability to run the sale is not impeded. Anyone who isn’t able to make their shift and doesn’t notify me of this PRIOR to their shift, will not be permitted to crew in the future.  Many people will be depending on you!
  • Children cannot accompany you during your shift. We want to keep everyone safe and there will be a lot going on during the sale.
  • Your significant other may work your shift in your place but please notify us as they will need to complete the registration process and we will need to link them to your consignor account.
  • Please don’t be late as it will take a lot of coordination to transition from one crew member to the next.
  • I’ll be relying on you to help make the sale a success for everyone involved and I look forward to working with you!

What our NSU Crew Members are saying…

Amazingly organized!! Sooo many items to choose from, great prices. Something for everyone! The group of helpers were great to work with. I’m glad I could be a part of it and can’t wait for the spring sale!
Kristina M. 10/3/17

I’ve been consigning and helping out at this sale since it first started. Such fantastic assortment of items which are so carefully vetted – you know you’re getting high quality! Love this sale and the women who had the initiative and energy to start it and grow it to what it is!!
Kelly S. 5/5/17

Just wanted to let you know that while I was working at the registers scanning both days, I overheard many customers complimenting the sale and remarking how well everything was organized and run. So congratulations on another success!!
Bria P. 5/12/16