Consignor Registration

Please read all information below BEFORE you register


(see tan box below for further information about restocking)

****No clothing, shoes or books accepted at restock (see exceptions for fall sale)****



$10 Consignor fee is non-refundable (paid via Paypal)

Tagging guns are required to tag clothing items (tag through items’ actual tag or seam in armpit to avoid damage).

Limits – Infant sizes 0-18 months (including items labeled with sizing of 18-24 months) will be limited to 50 TOTAL.

Sort Fee – Only applies to consignors who mark their items to NOT be donated but then do not retrieve them at pick up.

Recall list – Check items against the federal recall list (it is illegal to sell recalled products and you, the Consignor, are the seller).

Car seats/bases – Complete a Car Seat Checklist for each and bring to drop off.

Important Dates

Inventory deadline – All inventory must be entered by Saturday, April 20, at 8:00PM.  This deadline cannot be extended.

Drop Off – Per your scheduled appointment

Pick Up – If you did not mark your items for donate, pick them up on Sunday, April 28, 5:30-7:00PM.  Any unsold items that are not picked up by 7:00PM will be donated (sort fee may apply).

Checks – Processed 3 weeks after the end of the sale!

New This Sale

Items marked to donate will automatically default to discount.

See Definition of Restock Consignor Below

Restock Consignor

A restock consignor differs from a traditional consignor as noted below:

  • Once our traditional consignor spots fill up, we will accept restock consignors only (this will be noted on our website prior to registration). Traditional consignors drop off prior to the event, whereas restock consignors drop off partway through the event.
  • We CANNOT accept clothing, shoes or books at restock, but have no limits on any other restock items. (FALL sale has the exception of Halloween costumes, winter jackets, snow pants and winter boots – these CAN be restocked)
  • We CAN accept everything else! This is a great way to clear out your indoor and outdoor toys, puzzles, games, dvd’s books, music, video games and gaming systems, decor, baby gear, infant equipment (feeding, safety, potty, bath items, slings, shopping cart covers, diaper bags, gates etc.), accessories (hats, belts, etc.) and more!
  • Restock appointments will be held on Friday, between 8 PM and 10 PM.  Items will be on the sales floor for the Saturday and Sunday public shopping days.  If you do not see a Friday appointment available, please email us at to set you up with one.

Restock consignors selling at least 20 acceptable items DO get to shop the private presale with traditional consignors.

Restocked items sell well since shoppers come back to shop the restocked items on Saturday and Sunday.  At that point, the sales floor is less crowded, making items more visible.

Consignors who’ve never registered at a prior sale – welcome!

Consignors who’ve sold with us before – welcome back!

Once you’ve registered, you will use the Consignor Login menu option to access your account going forward.